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Booking time limits

Minimum time required before booking

This setting allows you to set the minimum period before the appointment when customers can submit a booking request. By default, it is disabled, which means for example, that your customers will be able to book appointments within several minutes from the current time. Should your business require a certain period of time to prepare for the appointment, simply choose one of the options from this setting, and any booking within a given period prior to booking will be disallowed.

For example, if you choose 1 day as your minimum time required before booking, your customers will need to schedule an appointment at least 1 day in advance.

Note that the minimum time required before booking works only for the front-end bookings, it doesn’t apply to the appointments added through the back-end.

Minimum time required before canceling/rescheduling

This setting allows you to set the time period before the appointment, after which customers will not be able to cancel or reschedule their request. By default, it is disabled, which means your customers can cancel/reschedule an appointment at any moment before it starts. To disallow late cancellations/rescheduling simply choose an option, e.g., 1 day. The 1-day option, for example, would not allow a customer to cancel or reschedule tomorrow’s appointment.

Period available for booking in advance

This option allows you to set how far into the future bookings can be made. For example, if you set 365 days, your customers will be able to schedule an appointment for up to one year in advance. If you set it to 10 days, your customers won’t be able to book an appointment beyond that time.