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Cart (available only in Pro and Elite license plans)

Enabling the cart will allow your customers to book multiple services in a single booking process.


Once you enable the Cart feature, your customers will be presented with a slightly different booking form (the “Cart” step will be present on the booking form):


When the customer chooses the Service, the Date, and the Time, they will see the “Book Another” option (which will bring them back to the service selection step) and the “Continue” option (which will allow them to book a single service, or a selection of previously selected services).

Editing the appointment will allow your customers to select a different service, a different employee, a different location (if you offer these as options), a different date, and a different time.

The time slots that were previously selected are not being taken into account when your customers are adding other services (appointments), so there’s no way Unity Bookings can double-book the same time slot.

If your services include Custom Fields, they will be displayed at the end (in the “Your Information” step) summed up, meaning if there’s a custom field for Service 1, another custom field for Service 2, and yet another custom field for Service 3 – they will all appear in the “Your Information” step.