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Custom Service Duration

The custom duration gives you the ability to offer a single Service with multiple durations your customers can choose from, define different prices for these durations, and define different prices for those durations per employee.

Configuring the Custom Duration of Services

When creating a new service, or editing an existing one, navigate to the “Duration & Pricing” tab in the top menu of the service. In there, you can define the default duration and price of the service. In order to enable the Custom Duration, you need to enable the “Custom Duration and Pricing” slider below the “Capacity” fields:

Once this is enabled, you’ll be able to configure the custom duration and the custom prices for the Service. Like all time periods in Unity Hub (service duration, employee work hours, breaks, buffer times), the offered duration depends on the Default Time Slot step, configured in Unity Hub’s General Settings.

Depending on the Default Time Slot step, you have the freedom to configure Custom Duration anywhere between 1 minute and 8 hours.

Once you configure this, the price of the Service and the Custom Duration periods will apply to all employees assigned to this service. However, just like before, you can configure the price of Custom Duration per employee.

Configuring the Price per Employee

As mentioned above, the price of all Custom Duration periods will be applied to all employees, but you can navigate to the Employee’s section in Amelia, select an employee and change the price this employee will provide the custom duration (or the Service) for.

Please note: Make sure that the Work Hours of your employee are long enough to fit all Custom Duration periods + any possible Buffer Times.

Example #1: If one of the Custom Duration periods lasts 3 hours, and your employee’s work hours are from 09:00 – 11:00, the employee will not be able to offer a 3-hour-long appointment;

Example #2: If your service has Buffer Times before and/or after the appointment, you need to take those into account when creating the Work Hours of an employee. If the Service (or one of the Custom Duration periods) lasts 2 hours, and there’s a buffer time of 1 hour, while your employee works from 09:00 – 11:00, the total for the service (duration + buffer time) will be 3 hours, so the employee will not be able to offer a 3-hour-long appointment.