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Group Appointments

Understanding appointments

There are two different types of appointments each of which is based on the maximum capacity of the service that is delivered. An appointment is considered as a “Single” appointment if the maximum capacity of the service is 1. If the maximum capacity is higher than 1, the appointment is considered as “Group”. There are two types of group appointments:

  • Group appointments where all customers are separate (usually the case when they don’t know one another).
  • Group appointments where one customer defines a number of persons that are coming with him or her.

The main difference between these two is that in the first one every person appears in the appointment separately, with all details defined, such as name, email, appointment status, payment details, etc.; this means that any person can cancel his/her participation in the appointment separately.

The situation with the second type of group appointments is that only the person who has scheduled the appointment has a name, email, appointment status, and payment details. The others are seen as +1.. +10 “addition”. So if one of them decides to cancel his or her participation in the appointment, there are two options: either they will cancel for all, or you need to reduce the number of persons in the “Edit Appointment” dialog.

Each appointment can be made through one of three booking forms in the regular process or through the WooCommerce checkout if you want to use some other payment method, connect WooCommerce invoices, or include taxes.