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Manage customer data

Working with Customers list and search page

The customer list shows all the information about every customer: names, their WordPress usernames (if there is a connected WordPress user), phone, note, and perhaps the most important one – the date of their last appointment. To specify the number of records that are to be displayed at a time, select the required number in the “Default items per page” in  “General Settings”.

Just as on the other pages, on the “Customers” page you will see:

  1. The total number of customers you have
  2. A search input you can use to search through your customers by their name.
  3. A sort option you can use to sort your customers by ascending or descending name.

You can export a list of your customers in a form of a CSV file. At the top right of the “Customers” page and next to the sort option, tap the “Export” icon button. Clicking on the “Export” icon button will open a dialog allowing you to choose the delimiter used for CSV and to select the columns you’d like to export. When you are ready, tap on the “Export” button in the dialog to download a CSV file.

You can also delete multiple customer profiles at the same time on the page by checking the ones that you want to delete. The dialog box with the “Trash” icon will appear in the table footer when you check at least one customer you want to delete. After you click on it you will see a message, and if you are certain that you want to delete the customer records click on the “Delete” button to confirm your deleting process.