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Recurring Appointments

The Recurring Appointments feature gives your customers the ability to book an appointment that repeats by choosing the date and the time for the first appointment and then selecting the type of the recurrence and number of repeating all in one booking process.

Creating Recurring Service

In order to enable recurring booking for one certain service, you will need to set a couple of new options in the Service modal. Go to the Service page, click “Add Service” or edit the existing one, and in the Service Details tab you will see the “Set recurring appointment” option. By default “Disabled” is chosen in the selectbox. Besides “Disabled” you will have four more options:

  • “All” – this option allows your customers to choose one of all recurring options: daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • “Daily” – if you select this option customers will only have the option to set up a daily appointment recurrence. Customers can choose whether the appointment will repeat every day, every 2 days, every 3 days, etc., and also choose the date until the appointment will repeat or to choose the number of repeatings.
Daily Recurring Amelia WordPress booking plugin
  • “Weekly” – if you select just the weekly option, customers will be able to set up a weekly recurrence. Customers will have an option to set up the repeating to be every week, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, etc., and also be able to choose multiple days in the week when the appointment will repeat. Same as for all recurrence types, customers will be able to set up the date until the appointment will repeat or choose the number of times for repeating.

Please note: Unavailable dates set in employee’s working hours will be disabled and customer will be able to choose only repeating for days when the service is provided.