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Resource Booking

Say you have a Barbershop and you have 3 available chairs, but there are 6 barbers (employees) your customers can book.

You are now able to create a resource that will be shared for all services you provide. In the example above, those services could be ShavingBeard TrimShort HairHead Shave, and so on. When you share a resource between services, it means you provide a resource that depends on the number of appointments, and it doesn’t rely on the service that’s booked.

For example, you’d add a resource named “Chair” and set its quantity to “3“. When you select the share option, all available services will share these 3 chairs, so even though you have 6 barbers that are providing the same services, only 3 people will be able to book at the same time, so if JimJohn, and Mark book December 30th, at 10:00, the remaining 3 barbers won’t be able to accept more customers in this time, and you will no longer face overbookings.