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Sell extra services with booking

  • Extras – Extras allow you the possibility to add additional services or products customers can buy when they are scheduling the appointment. By click on the “Add Extra” button, new options will appear:
Service Extra
  • Name – This is the place where you will enter a name for the extra. Besides the name, you will see the “Translate” option so you can translate extra name in multiple languages and use it on the multilingual website.
WordPress - Service Extra Name
  • Duration – If you want to define additional services and give them a duration, this is where you do it. Duration is not required because there can be extras that your customers can buy without affecting the appointment’s duration (e.g. special equipment).
WordPress - Service Extra Duration
  • When you create at least one extra, you will see an option to choose whether the extras will be mandatory in the booking process or not, and this option will show up above the extras list. If you enable the option “Set extra as a mandatory field“, you will be able to choose the minimum number of extras that will be mandatory for booking when the customer books the service they are created for.

Please note: If your extra service has a duration, you should know that currently extra time will not be multiplied by the number of persons in the booking or extras quantity, so you will see time for just one extra.