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Employees are those who perform a service. It is necessary to have at least one employee created for the plugin to work properly. This option is specifically for companies with several employees to make it easier for them to manage and track their appointments, their availability, and the services they provide. If you have just one employee and you don’t want it shown on the front pages, don’t worry. When you create only one employee it will be automatically hidden on the front-end booking form.

The time zone set in your WordPress general settings applies to your booking calendar as well, but the employees can be set in a different time zone than the one set here. If this is the case, they will have their schedules set in their own time zones and they will receive notifications for appointments and events accordingly. This option is available both on the back-end in the employee profile on the Employees page, where the admin can choose the time zone for the employee and on the employee panel where employees can set it up for themselves.

This option is useful if you travel often, but if you do not change and save the time zone on your profile, all appointments will be displayed according to the time zone that is set in WordPress.

What clients will see that’s booking an appointment in another time zone:

If you take bookings from international clients or clients in other time zone’s then your own, we can configure this so that your client will see the booking times available in their time zone. For example: if I am in South Africa, but booking with a service provider in Florida, USA. I will only see appointment from 4PM if he starts work at 8AM Florida Time.