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Who this is for?

Personal Trainers
Life Coaches / Business Coaches
Wellness Consultants
Fitness Instructors
Yoga Teachers
Meditation Coaches
Physical Therapists
Mental Health Counselors
Holistic Health Practitioners
Massage Therapists
Naturopathic Doctors
Mindfulness Instructors
Stress Management Coaches
Sleep Coaches
Wellness Bloggers
Pilates Instructors
Holistic Nutritionists
Functional Medicine Practitioners
Breathwork Facilitators

Ayurvedic Practitioners
Fitness Nutritionists
Health and Wellness Writers
Corporate Wellness Coaches
Fitness Bootcamp Instructors
Dance Fitness Instructors
Rehabilitation Specialists
Postpartum Fitness Coaches
Holistic Fitness Trainers
Functional Movement Specialists
Energy Healers
Integrative Medicine Practitioners
Tai Chi Instructors
Outdoor Adventure Guides (Wellness Expeditions)
Physical Education Instructors
Spa and Wellness Managers
Laughter Yoga Leaders
Spiritual Mediums

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